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Cast Iron Pipe Problems

Cast iron was used for drainage pipe for decades, before modern plastic piping became available.  Over time, cast iron pipe corrodes and builds layer of scale inside the pipe and can cause frustrating sewage backups into homes and building. Quite often, these...

pot metal pipes

The Worst Pipes Ever?

This pipe is called Orangeburg. It is a laminated pipe; essentially, rolled up tar-paper made into a tube! In the photo, you can see the delaminations, as well as the disintegration of the pipe. The pipe is collapsing under the weight of the soil that has sat above...

old sewage pipes

What is a Grinder Pump?

Have you seen a grinder pump before? This device will be installed 14 feet deep in someones back yard. The pear shaped part of the unit is the basin that the pump unit sits inside of. The other corrugated tube will be installed on top of the first tube, then the...


Poisonous drinking water in your house?

The wisdom is that you have to blog in order to be relevant, so I’ve decided to take some risks here with my blogging.  My subject matter will always be true stories, but might be embellished a bit to give humor and a little bit of insight into areas of...

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