What is a Grinder Pump?

Have you seen a grinder pump before?

This device will be installed 14 feet deep in someones back yard. The pear shaped part of the unit is the basin that the pump unit sits inside of. The other corrugated tube will be installed on top of the first tube, then the whole thing is buried in the ground. This device is used when there is no possibility of gravity drainage to a municipality provided sewer main. In other words, we have to make all the waste-water go uphill. It’s like a huge garbage disposal taking waste-water from the entire house. Normally, a pump system like this is installed 7-8 feet deep. The reason this one is so tall is that the customers pipes drain out of a deep basement. This also required professional engineering services that we have at our disposal. 

Pipe Guys has the 25 year experience and deep knowledge base to deal with complex waste-water challenges and provide the right solution-every time. We do much more than just pipes.

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