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Own a parking lot with catch basins? The Pipe Guys provide licensed civil engineering to get you through the cleaning, inspection and compliance process.

Vacuum Truck Service

Sometimes, customers pipes are buried under other utilities that can be damaged. Backhoes and excavators can easily harm fragile plastic conduits, wiring and plastic gas lines. Our Vacuum excavation equipment allows us to expose these sensitive utilities so we can work around them without damage to them, much faster than hand digging.

These same tools can be used to clean large underground pipes and catch basins that may be draining a parking lot.

Cities and counties are now enforcing laws that require maintenance and cleaning of these buried structures. We can keep your business in compliance-and prevent your parking lot from flooding.

Unveiling the Power of Our Vacuum Truck Service

Our Vacuum Truck Service Stands Out for Several Reasons:

 Efficiency Redefined: We deliver swift and precise repairs without the need for extensive digging or disruption.
 Advanced Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge vacuum trucks, we ensure pinpoint accuracy in identifying and resolving sewer pipe issues.
 Minimized Disruption: With our method, your property remains intact, eliminating the inconvenience of landscape disruption.

Why Choose Pipe Guys?

 Specialized Expertise: Benefit from our focused proficiency in delivering top-notch vacuum truck solutions for sewer repair.
 Reliable Reputation: Explore our track record through raving reviews and testimonials, attesting to our commitment to excellence.

Our Approach in Action

 Thorough Assessment: We meticulously inspect your sewer system, recommending tailored solutions using our vacuum truck technology.
 Swift Execution: Leveraging our vacuum trucks’ capabilities, we swiftly execute repairs with precision and efficiency.
 Customized Solutions: Each repair plan is crafted to suit your unique needs, ensuring a targeted and effective resolution.

Dive Into Our Services

 Precision with Video Inspections: Our skilled operators conduct thorough video inspections using advanced technology to kickstart the repair process.
 Engineering Excellence: Collaborating with licensed engineers ensures a strategic approach to minimize downtime and maximize results.
 Focused Technology: Our vacuum trucks provide accurate and efficient solutions, making downtime a planned event.

Ready for an Upgraded Sewer Repair Experience?

Whether you’re located in Puyallup, Tacoma, Spanaway, Lakewood, or anywhere in Pierce County, our Vacuum Truck Service awaits. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment and a free estimate.

Experience a seamless, efficient, and technologically advanced sewer pipe repair solution with Pipe Guys’ Vacuum Truck Service!

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