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If you are experiencing a sewer backup, you have really stepped into something that can only be called a unique and unpleasant form of inconvenience. You want a company that is capable of repairing your sewer line quickly, inexpensively and permanently so another service call is not necessary months later. Unfortunately, our industry is flooded with sewer repair contractors who settle for providing quick or cheap service — whatever it takes to get things flowing again and get your check.

It takes a trained eye with experience to understand the actual problem and not just the symptom. We’ve seen how customers can spend too much money chasing symptoms without spending money where it’s needed. It’s not one size fits all. In fact, we offer multiple repair solutions that are sometimes used together to offer seamless repairs at the greatest economy. Our nearly 30 years of experience gives our customers peace of mind, knowing they’re paying for the right solutions at the right price.

The great thing is, we can provide a diagnosis for your Tacoma sewer backup or drain cleaning in a stress-free, easy-to-understand manner that will empower you to make the best possible decision. And we can do it with the latest technology and pipe-restoration methods that are faster and cheaper than alternatives — and the least disruptive to your structure and surroundings.
Cameras Are Great — But They Miss Important Facts

Many sewer repair companies use a simple camera inspection that only shows what is visible to the human eye. This often becomes a problem when the video is being viewed by novice employees who cannot interpret critical information found during a camera inspection of an underground pipe. We have seen these types of misinterpretations for years. As you can imagine, anyone can see roots or broken pipe on a TV screen.

The fact is that underground pipes are susceptible to deterioration and small fractures, which cannot be seen by the naked eye and cause water loss. Soil erosion and voids caused by water leaks cause the pipe to collapse under the weight of soil above the pipe. As cities like Tacoma age, this phenomenon is becoming quite common. The technology we use not only detects the overall instability of a leaky pipe that won't survive a quick fix, it has the ability to predict failure before it happens. And that can save you thousands.

Why Call Pipe Guys to Repair Your Sewer or Water Line?

Little or no destruction to trees, lawn, patios and landscaped yards
Save digging and hauling costs common with sewer and water line excavations
Pipes can be restored for homes, hotels and office buildings within hours — not days
It's possible for us to even repair a sewer or water line without shutting it off
No need to jackhammer pavement or excavate under buildings to replace pipe
Avoid costly road obstruction permits, flagging personnel and traffic control plans
Pipe restoration with a minimum designed life of 50 years
Less of the mud, dust, dirt and danger associated with deep sewer trenches
No need to relocate client services or critical operations to repair buried pipe
State-of-the-art leak and pipe detection technology
"My wife and I would like to express our satisfaction with the work you accomplished in replacing two sewer lines on our property. The work was done quite professionally and without undue interruption to our lives in the process. The men who did the work were very nice and worked without delay, accomplishing the job quickly and cleanly. I would have no problem recommending your firm to anyone needing this kind of work."
Winston M. | Tacoma, WA

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