Sewer Subcontracting, Pipe Location & Leak Detection Services

Pipe Guys is proud to be the company that other contractors call to locate hard-to-find pipe.

Sewer Subcontracting, Pipe Location & Leak Detection Services

Pipe Guys takes great pride in being the go-to choice for contractors when it comes to locating those elusive and hard-to-find pipes. As a trusted partner for sewer contractors in need of subcontracted pipe location and leak detection services, we’ve established a solid track record of collaboration with numerous sewer and plumbing contractors throughout the Seattle and Tacoma regions. Should you require references to vouch for our expertise, we’re more than willing to provide them upon your request.

Our proficiency extends to pinpointing leaks concealed beneath various surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, and more. We also specialize in locating buried pipes, even when they’re nonmetallic in nature. It’s our exceptional ability to track down these hidden pipelines and swiftly detect water leaks that has earned us the well-deserved reputation of being the experts to call when others come up empty-handed.

By entrusting us with your subcontracted work, you’ll not only benefit from our expertise but also save your company valuable time and resources. Our adept methods often eliminate the need for extensive trench excavation in many cases, making the entire process more efficient and cost-effective.

To learn more about our services and discuss potential collaboration, don’t hesitate to contact us at (877) 687-4731. Please be aware that our availability for subcontracted work may be limited due to high demand, so reaching out to us promptly is advisable to secure our expertise for your projects.

Read more about our services within the case studies below:

Lease Crutcher Lewis builds skyscrapers. These guys are good at what they do. They’ve been building since the 1880’s. That’s a lot of talent and know how. The University Club is an exclusive private venue where established company executives go to relax and network with peers. Since the late 1800’s. Nice venue. Old pipes. Really old. Foundation made of rock, holding back dirt. Wine cellar next to foundation. Chronic sewage in wine cellar seeping through foundation from clogged, failing sewer pipe, extending under busy Madison avenue, in downtown Seattle. Lease Crutcher Lewis presented us with this problem-looking for an innovative solution. Upon initial investigation, we found the 4 inch cast iron pipe to be so riddled with holes that our pushrod video diagnostic cameras would fall out of the pipe, becoming lodged in the voids created by years of leaking water. When the 70 feet of 6 inch pipe could finally be imaged, we found years of root intrusion encased in grease, throughout the length of pipe. Repairing the pipe using legacy technology would require shutting down busy Madison avenue, trenching through the street and sidewalk, trench under the building (requiring stabilization of the fragile foundation). In short, massive disruption in the hospital district of Seattle. The change in diameter from 4 inch cast to 6 inch clay pipe was under many feet of dirt, under the building. Our only access to the 6 inch pipe was through the 15 feet of 4 inch pipe. We repaired the 4 inch pipe by installing a thermosetting liner, from the wine cellar. After that, we were able to melt the copious amounts of grease off the roots in the 6 inch pipe, before finally cutting them out very carefully. We then very carefully placed the 6 inch liner into place (installing it through the 4 inch pipe) expanded it and cured it. The whole job was done without shutting the building down for pre-planned venues, even though it took several days. Crutcher Lewis saved a lot of grief for the citizens of Seattle, and a bundle of money.
When Mountain Construction needed to replace a 4-inch pipe with a 6-inch pipe across a busy five-lane road, Pipe Guys came up with the solution. Using a process called Pipe Bursting, we literally pulled a new pipe through the old pipe while expanding and crushing the original pipe, leaving it in the ground. Only one lane of traffic had to be merged into another lane, so commuters were only slightly inconvenienced. The pipe was ready for connecting in only eight hours and saved Mountain Construction almost half off the next closest bid. The pipe was “fused” together before installation, so the entire 85-foot pipe was inserted as one piece with no joints at all. Using small pits at either connection was the only excavation required, and trenching was not necessary.
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