Read our testimonials! We would love to hear from you! Please review us!

Our Testimonials

Please read our testimonials! Your opinion is important to us and we would love to hear from you! Please review us!

“When our neighbor’s sewer pipe failed five months ago, we decided to assess our line. We found that it was in decent condition, but made of orangeburg material, it would fail sometime in the future. We researched replacement processes and companies online, with others who had dealt with this situation before, and to the degree they could provide advice, local agency inspectors and engineers. We decided on the pipe bursting process and had many companies assess our situation. Ultimately, we had five pipe bursting proposals then we decided to use Pipe Guys for our job. We made a good decision. The staff were courteous, hard working, and professional. Dan is a hands-on owner, willing to go in the deep holes and work alongside his staff. There were unforeseen situations which is to be expected when dealing with an underground project. For example, there were un-located utility lines and a connection to the county main that was different from the public record. There were also aspects of the work that were beyond the contract scope, but Dan was fair in his allocation of the additional costs. We were very pleased with the results of our project as well as the manner that the Pipe Guys executed it. We would strongly recommend Pipe Guys to others for sewer line inspections, repairs and replacements.”

Mike Kendall K. | U.S. Army Colonel, Retired | University Place, WA

“Fair price. Solid work. I recommend them.”

Bill Baarsma | Mayor of Tacoma 2002 – 2009.

“The Pipe Guys are great! Honest and straightforward with info, etc. They get it done…explained to me about pipe relining (never heard of it:)) Brent and Mike (missing one other name?)…very courteous, organized and conscientious. Brent was totally available at all times for my late questions. I would recommend them to anyone, family, friends..”

J. P. | Tacoma, WA

“Dan and The Pipe Guys were FABULOUS to work with! Within an hour of my call Dan scheduled an appointment with me to look at the project. He took the time to explain the options and give us the education we needed to make an informed decision. It was wonderful to be treated with the respect and courtesy as I had received the run around so many times with another underground pipe company. In addition, he had the bid for the project within 24 hours and the understanding of City of Tacoma requirements to expedite the project to completion within 4-5 business days.”

Carol S. | Puyallup, WA

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