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Commercial Sewer & Water Pipe Repair

Commercial operators need to know facts as soon as possible. Downtime is money lost, because of production disruptions or tenant dislocation.
Video inspections, by operators with years of experience and interpretation understanding, is the beginning of any engineered solution.
We have relationships with licensed civil engineers that we can bring to bear very quickly, in order to assess damage, plan and execute the proper solution in order to minimize your downtime.
Our technology will quickly and thoroughly identify assets in need of repair with pinpoint accuracy-so that downtime is a planned event-not a haphazard crisis.
Since we offer many solutions and not just one technology, economy can be increased as well as solution choices.
We can employ robotic tools and sideway looking cameras inside pipes in order to provide even more options for cleaning, assessment and repair.

Case Studies
Check out our sewer repair case studies below. View more case studies on our Sewer Repair Subcontracting page.
Hilton Hotel
Zulily specializes in online clothes and merchandising. They occupy most of a four-story block sized building in downtown Seattle. When a sewage backup began occurring on the bottom floor of the photography/production studios, the flies got so bad, the entire floor had to be abandoned.

The pipe ran under 10 to 12 inches of concrete with very large electrical conduit and transformers above the failing cast iron sewer pipe.

Imaging revealed large amounts of lead and oakum, inside the cast iron pipe, as well as a large tangled mass of string and plastic chunks from failed previous attempts at diagnostics and repair attempts.

Remotely removing irregular chunks of lead from the bottom of a pipe is more than hard to do. It borders on impossible, especially when the pipe is full of holes.

Working the weekend (when the pipe was not being used), we finally got the pipe cleaned enough for both 6 inch and 4 inch liners to be installed, back to back.

After weeks of a nasty problem and shutting down a production floor, Pipe Guys solved the problem permanently, in one weekend — saving thousands and making Zulily and our contractor, SJS Mechanical, very happy.
The Mercer Island Office Plaza in downtown Mercer Island is home to professionals in the medical, real estate and dental fields and is anchored by a large Windermere agency.

Auburn Mechanical determined that the source of frustrating chronic sewage backups in the building was the chunks of concrete dislodged by a utility that was installed using a boring tool, striking and damaging the sewer line in the process.

Challenging the repair, was the fact that the damage was under a 20-foot diameter fountain, inside of a one entrance parking area, the pipe path being under an inlaid brick walk and staircase, as well as a raised retaining wall garden.

Repairing this pipe using legacy methods, would require a lot of investment destruction and restoration, traffic disruption, and a lot of frustrated customers and professionals.

Using pinpoint excavation to access the pipe inside the flowerbed, saved any pavement or hardscape cutting, and damage.

Using remote robotic cutting from inside the pipe, removed the concrete pieces without excavation and saved the fountain.

Using remote thermosetting liner installation repaired and saved the pipe, without having to actually touch the pipe at the point of repair.

Once again, our skilled crew, highly specialized tools and techniques avoided massive frustration and created thousands of dollars in savings.
When the Hilton Hotel at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport found out they were leaking thousands of gallons of water from the pool, they knew it was a serious problem. Pipe Guys was initially consulted to see if we could bore two new 4-inch-diameter pipes from the outdoor pool area to the filtration room located in the basement. We presented an option that would not only cost less, but would be less mess and take much less time. The cracked pipes were restored in a day and a half through a process called epoxy lining. No drilling through the concrete wall, no tunneling under one of the main corridors of the hotel, very little noise, no disruption to guests.

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