Cast Iron Pipe Problems

Cast iron was used for drainage pipe for decades, before modern plastic piping became available.  Over time, cast iron pipe corrodes and builds layer of scale inside the pipe and can cause frustrating sewage backups into homes and building. Quite often, these pipes are under the building and have multiple additional connections from other drains in the building. The costs to repair these problems can be enormous if walls and floors must be removed in order to replace the pipes.

A quiet evolution in thinking and technology has begun providing cost effective solutions to this problem. High speed grinding and descaling tools used inside the pipe are now capable of removing this build up without damaging the rest of the pipe. After descaling, the debris is then flushed out of the pipe.  To prevent it from returning, a new durable coating is applied to the pipe on the inside, greatly increasing the lifespan of the old pipe for dozens of additional years.

Pipe Guys has been offering these new services for several years now-in many cases saving our customers thousands in the process.  

If your home was built before the 1970’s, inquire about this great option vs. the expense of replacement of drain pipe in your situation.

Scale in Pipe

Scale, Clean Pipe, Coated Pipe

Cutaway Picture of Descaling

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