Residential Sewer & Water Line Repairs

Excavated hole showing unconnected underground pipes

Our residential housing services include:

  • Locating underground pipes using state of the art electronic locating equipment
  • Video inspection of underground sewer pipes in order to determine the condition and location of the service and document the inspection for review
  • Thorough underground pipe cleaning using the latest powerful rotary tools. These tools are capable of cleaning concrete from a pipe if necessary.
  • Offer all the latest methods in pipe replacement, using combinations of methods for the greatest economy for each client
  • Excavate up to 14 feet if necessary
  • Excavate using pressurized air or water and vacuum mud, dirt and rocks with a powerful truck-mounted vacuum in order to protect sensitive areas from heavy equipment
  • Excavate up to 10-12 feet with very small excavation pits (3-4 feet square)
  • Restore existing pipes with little or no excavation at all using pipe bursting
  • Bore under retaining walls, concrete, asphalt, etc, up to 100 feet using radio steered tools for installation of pipe, conduit, etc.
  • Restore concrete, asphalt, landscaping and sprinkler systems
  • Educate government officials, provide engineering data, and address concerns of public officials unfamiliar with our processes