Sewer Inspection & Detection

Camera for inspecting pipelines

An Accurate Camera Inspection

Underground pipes need to hold water in order to carry effluent. As pipes age and disintegrate, water flows out of the bottom of the pipe and the joints. The soil under the pipe can become soft and sink, causing even more problems on the surface — or completely collapse without warning. We see it time and time again, and issues like this are on the increase here in Tacoma, Federal Way and surrounding areas as sewer pipes continue to get older. Destroying concrete, asphalt or landscaping in order to get at a collapsed pipe can be very expensive. Even more so when it involves a public street or sidewalk.

Our technology measures the rate of water leakage anywhere in the pipe with pinpoint precision. Cameras can’t detect leaking water. Repair decisions can be made before they get much more expensive.

Predictive Assessment

Without enough water in the pipe to carry sewage, the pipe gets clogged. Unfortunately, you may not know the pipe is plugged for a few days to a few weeks. THAT’S WHEN THE SEWAGE APPEARS IN YOUR HOME, OR BUILDING.  By knowing how badly the pipe is leaking and the normal rate of flow, predictions can be made.