Sewer Repair Services

Statue of a plumber coming out of a sewer
  • Camera Inspections — For condition assessments based upon what can be seen. All cameras are equipped with locating transmitters.
  • Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) — Locates buried plastic and metal pipes and other objects without excavation, providing information clients use to make better decisions.
  • Pipe Locating — With GPR, as well as transmitters that are pushed into the pipe, we can relay information to above-ground receivers. This gives us precise depth and direction of a defective pipe so repair decisions can be made.
  • Leak Detection — Using any combination of millimeter wave, accoustic and gas sampling technologies, we can find hidden leaks from underground pipes so cost effective repairs can be made.
  • Clog Busting — Root-tearing using sewer snakes.
  • Hydro-Jetting — We can clean pipes and remove roots by moving water from 4 gallons per minute to 60 gallons per minute, generating 4,000 PSI, which cuts through wood.
  • Specialized Cutting Heads — Spinning toothed chains, water jets that will slice through roots and flushing nozzles that will move rocks and mud.
  • Directional Drilling — Used to replace water services without disturbing the surface. Can also be used to install other conduits.
  • Pipelining — Creation of new pipe within the walls of existing pipe in order to avoid destruction of above-ground investments, especially asphalt and concrete.
  • Pipe Bursting — Cost-effective technology that allows underground renewal without need for an open trench.
  • Excavation — Excavators large nough to dig 14 feet deep, small enough to fit through a fence gate.
  • Vacuum Excavation & Potholing — Using vacuum trucks and tanks to prevent damage to underground utilities.
  • Catch Basin, Vault Maintenance & Cleaning — Using powerful vacuum trucks equipped with high-pressure hydro-jetting reels to clean underground pipes and remove debris.
  • Electronic Scan — Sees holes and leaks in pipe that cannot be seen and quantifies the rate of leakage anywhere in the pipe. A pipe that cannot hold water is not effective at carrying sewage. This tool can predict failure before it happens.