Our Perspective

We spent years in the landscaping business before expanding into building excavation, including connecting new structures to municipal provided services.  Landscaping gave us an up close appreciation for landscape investments. Building excavation gave us an appreciation for the regulations and costs involved in working in the public right of ways.

Our reputation for good, honest, service began to bring us additional clients who found they needed help with existing failing underground pipes.

All of it combined to help us see our future as we realized the need to invest in diagnostic equipment that would help our customers make cost effective decisions about their failing underground utilities.

When we wanted to invest in emerging technologies to allow repair of pipes without excavation, we found the way blocked by a lack of understanding on the part of local governments and no regulatory structure in place. It made for high risk investing, becoming involved in educating government decision makers and pushing for change at the regulatory level.  We learned that the political process is not for the faint of heart, nor is it quick. We’ve spent hours and hours in front of councils and committees over the years. We’ve donated our expertise and advice and helped to shape regulations on behalf of our customers. We consider it a civic responsibility to be involved and participate to  help decision makers comprehend effects on their constituents.

We also stay involved in several trade organizations and associations and participate in charity functions as well as remodeling and rebuilding projects in our community.