Sewer Subcontracting, Pipe Location & Leak Detection Services

Pipe Guys is proud to be the company that other contractors call to locate hard-to-find pipe. If you are a sewer contractor looking to subcontract pipe location or leak detection, Pipe Guys has worked with a number of sewer and plumbing contractors in the Seattle area and can provide references upon request.

We can find leaks under concrete, asphalt, etc. We can also find buried, nonmetallic pipe. Our ability to locate buried pipe and detect water leaks has gained us the reputation of the guys to call when it just can’t be found. We will save your company time and resources, preventing large-scale trench excavation in many cases. If interested, use the form on this page to contact us today or call (877) 687-4731. Availability for subcontracted work is limited.

Case Study: Mountain Construction Pipe Upsizing

When Mountain Construction needed to replace a 4-inch pipe with a 6-inch pipe across a busy five-lane road, Pipe Guys came up with the solution. Using a process called Pipe Bursting, we literally pulled a new pipe through the old pipe while expanding and crushing the original pipe, leaving it in the ground. Only one lane of traffic had to be merged into another lane, so commuters were only slightly inconvenienced. The pipe was ready for connecting in only eight hours and saved Mountain Construction almost half off the next closest bid. The pipe was “fused” together before installation, so the entire 85-foot pipe was inserted as one piece with no joints at all. Using small pits at either connection was the only excavation required, and trenching was not necessary.