Commercial Sewer & Water Pipe Repair

  • Commercial operators need to know facts as soon as possible. Downtime is money lost, because of production disruptions or tenant dislocation.
  • Video inspections, by operators with years of experience and interpretation understanding, is the beginning of any engineered solution.
  • We have relationships with licensed civil engineers that we can bring to bear very quickly, in order to assess damage, plan and execute the proper solution in order to minimize your downtime.
  • Electro Scan will quickly and thoroughly identify assets in need of repair with pinpoint accuracy-so that downtime is a planned event-not a haphazard crisis.
  • Since we offer many solutions and not just one technology, economy can be increased as well as solution choices.
  • We can employ robotic tools and sideway looking cameras inside pipes in order to provide even more options for cleaning, assessment and repair.

Case Study: Sea-Tac Hilton Hotel

When the Hilton Hotel at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport found out they were leaking thousands of gallons of water from the pool, they knew it was a serious problem. Pipe Guys was initially consulted to see if we could bore two new 4-inch-diameter pipes from the outdoor pool area to the filtration room located in the basement. We presented an option that would not only cost less, but would be less mess and take much less time. The cracked pipes were restored in a day and a half through a process called epoxy lining. No drilling through the concrete wall, no tunneling under one of the main corridors of the hotel, very little noise, no disruption to guests.